Room Ideas and Themes!

1) Here is a exclusive personal garden desgined by Laura, including a rare golfcart only found at Arte’s, and my newest and specialest pet, Chuchi the yorkie. I hope this gives you a nice idea on a garden!

(click on the link below for sample garden picture. enjoy!)

2) Here is a picture of my Kitchen designed by Meghan! (With my pink poodle Lollie)

(click on the link below for sample kitchen picture. Adios!)

3) Here is a fun little bank idea you can try! It was designed by Laura, and it is very in-expesive, easy, and fun for your pets! Show off you bank to your friends, because i bet nobody else will have one! (Featuring my yorkie, Chuchi)

(click on the link below for sample “Webkinz Bank” room idea sample. Hope you like it!!)

4.) Here is mine (meghan’s) Pink Dorm Room for my chocolate Lab Cookie and Pink Poodle Lollie!

5.) here is my dorm room for my basset hound comet, cocker spaniel scruffy and beagle rusty!

6.) here is my frog room for Hopper the frog and Croaker the Bull Frog!

7) Here is a fun little room desing by Laura. It is a garage room, and i keep all my cars there. Most of the cars you see in the room are rares. Notice the Hummer looking car…….IT IS SO COOL! =)


24 Responses to “Room Ideas and Themes!”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I really like the garden and the kitchen ideas. As far as the bank goes, all of the piggy banks are just for show, right? I actually have a couple of rooms that are just for growing food and farming. I can either feed it to my pets instead of buying so much food or I can sell what I grow for a business. Didn’t know if any of you have tried that yet. I also like to make cool designs with my gardens 🙂

  2. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Well Ellen, If you check on webkinz everyday and do the daily activties, you are most certainly not “poor”. Farm fresh food is very healthy for your webkinz. But, if I were you, maybe i would split half for my webkinz (it also depends how many webkinz you have to feed because i have 20!) and half for buisness profits. Thanks for your nice comments on our gardens and kitchens. The bank was just for fun, and i liked the cute idea alot! LOL!

  3. Ellen Says:

    Yeah, I pretty much have found out that selling and keeping some food for my pets is probably the best way to go about it. I currently have 15 adopted webkinz right now, but I have a few that I am holding back on adopting til Nov and Dec pet of the month is here and I have a couple that I have in reserve for when my funds get too low. I like your site. I was wondering if any of you also check out Webkinz Insider. Also very cool and full of info. Happy Halloween!

  4. HSMDancer Says:

    I Love your rooms! Soooooooo Cool!=)

  5. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Thankyou so much! New rooms will be posted soon, so keep checking! If you would like to see one of our certian rooms, post! We respond very qucikly! (most of the time!:P) L&M

  6. BstCredtCord Says:

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  7. sarbear09 Says:

    i have about 17 rooms and my best room is my rare item room. omg i have tons of rare items. this should deffintly be a medium room.

  8. Meghan and Laura Says:

    wow, sarbear! I know i always love collecting rares! Maybe i will make a mdeuim room and place all my valubles there! Thanks for your help!! ;)L&M

  9. alexism.0795 rox ur sox! Says:

    OMG!!! i have 44 webkinz: (some of them have the same names lol)
    chihauhau—Ann birthday-Aug. 15th
    chihauhau—Tinkerbell birthday-Oct. 24th
    pug———Princess birthday-Nov. 12th
    lil’ kinz white terrier-Fluffybirthday-Oct. 7th
    lil’ kinz cow—Rosy birthday-Nov. 25th
    lil’ kinz rabbit–Reese birthday-Nov. 26th
    black lab—Abby birthday-Aug. 24th
    spotted frog-Spot birthday-Dec. 26th
    lil’kinz white poodle-snowballbirthday-Oct. 22nd
    cheeky monkey-Curly birthday-Feb. 3rd
    clydesdale-Brownie birthday-Feb. 9th
    gray & white cat-Lilly birthday-March 15th
    chocolate lab-Brownie birthday-Sept. 22nd
    lil’ kinz horse-Cloe birthday-Jan. 2nd
    dalmation-Spot birthday-Sept. 30th
    husky-Mia birthday-Sept. 25th
    pink poodle-Curly birthday-March 14th
    pink pig-Pinky birthday-May 14th
    google- Lucy birthday-Nov. 13th
    black stallion-Storm birthday-Sept. 8th
    lil’ kinz yorkie-Precious birthday-May 20th
    bear-Honey birthday-March 1st
    lion-Candy birthday-May 14th
    black cat-Boo birthday-Oct.24th
    lil’ kinz gorilla-Sally birthday-Jan.22nd
    frog-Lilly birthday-March 6th
    lil’ kinz unicorn-Magic birthday-April 27th
    reindeer-Prancer birthday-Feb. 2nd
    lil’ kinz elephant-Ellie birthday-May 27th
    german shepard-Princess birthday-March 9th
    lil’ golden retriever-Cupcake-birthday-Dec. 26th
    lil’ kinz gold&white cat-Lala birthday-Dec. 28th
    lil’ basset hound-Sally birthday-Aug. 23rd
    koala-Princess birthday-Jan. 27th
    bull dog-Max birthday-March 24th
    pink pony-Pinky birthday-March 15th
    beagle-Charlie birthday-May 24th
    yellow lab-Goldie birthday-Feb. 14th
    google-Waddles birthday-July 9th
    lil’ kinz panda-Chi birthday-March 14th
    lil’ kinz bear-Koda birthday-Feb. 20th
    lil’kinz penguin-Icy birthday-Aug.16th
    seal-Icicle birthday-Sept.21st
    collie-Shevy birthday-April 9th


  10. Jordan Says:

    OMG! I love Webkinz!!!! I only have 17 of them,
    Hippo- Hippy
    yellow lab- sasha
    penguin- chilly willy

  11. Jordan Says:

    ooops, sorry guys! i accidently hit submit…here i will finish

    frog- lilly
    turtle- turquoise
    charcoal cat- churchill
    koala- reggie
    bunny-lil’ miss thumper
    raccoon- bandit
    spotted frog- mr. croakers
    pig-piggly wiggly
    black cat-midnight
    monkey-curious george

  12. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing, Jordan! L&M

  13. Joy :-) Says:



  14. Guido Vescovi Says:

    I need some room ideas cuz someone got on my webkinz and all my stuff was gon and I had 19 new rooms!!!! most of them were outside rooms!!! I need some more ideas!!

  15. Nicole Vescovi Says:

    My room ideas are the offis, the arcade, the outside room, closet, school room and

  16. Nicole Says:

    I would have some ideas but this summer someone broke in to my webkinz account and stoll everything!!!! And he bot me 19 big rooms!!!!! But I still have some ideas up my sleave! Maybe a rare room or a closet, dining room, a school room, I did have a wedding room, living room and stuff!!! I have 17 webkinz!!! they are…..

    the Ally cat
    black and white cat
    the black cat
    the penguin
    lilkinz grey and white cat and orenge and white cat
    poler bare
    black horse
    black bare
    I have alot!!!!!

  17. sorina Says:

    I Love webkins!!!!!
    I have 10 webkins.Here they are/

    Fluffy is my moms.Add me on your Kinschat phone.lilligirl1997

  18. sorina Says:

    I love webkins so much!!!
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  19. sorina Says:

    i need some idias for my rooms.I have 13
    inside rooms waiting.Can you please help me?

  20. sorina Says:

    i would put my email here but its not safe.

  21. aquapup Says:

    I only have one webkinz but I love it soo much. i really want the black horse(whatever it is called ) but i need some room theme ideas and cute names. can you help?

  22. maczie Says:

    I have 52 webkinz i will name them later there are waay to many… anyways do have a good name for my 53rd webkin? it’s a white mouse


  23. Alexandra Says:


  24. Alexandra Says:

    I have exacly 100 webkinz. My account is awsome!! It has 39 exlusives, about 200,000 kinzcash, and 147 cool rooms.

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