Current Webkinz

Brown Araiban Horse

Yellow Lab


And More!!!


23 Responses to “Current Webkinz”

  1. Sabal lover Says:

    Did you know that the webkinz reindeer came out?

  2. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Yes, I did! I have one named Christmas. =) I will add it to the list!

  3. Ellen Says:

    They now have the yellow lab, the white seal, and the brown arabian horse too!

  4. Ellen Says:

    And I’ve seen a picture of what the call the Pinto Horse that is brown with white spots too!

  5. pinkpanda471 Says:

    wat up homies

  6. pinkpanda471 Says:

    by gotta go

  7. fastbunnysam123 Says:

    my friend got the seal already and it is sooooooooooo cute and awesome!If you go on webkinz look for her in the club house!

  8. Webkinz Lover Says:

    Nice drawing list.

    I have a full list of new, upcoming, retired and retiring Webkinz on this site if you are interested.

  9. s.z. Says:

    there is now a collie,

  10. s.z. Says:

    There is now a collie!!!

  11. Emily Says:

    hey i got the yellow lab to my friend for x-mas and since today is christmas eve

    i just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS WEBKINZ,L&M,and also every other person that goes on this site!!

  12. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Thanks Emily! L&M loves your support! Visit us often!!! L&M

  13. Meggie Says:

    There is no pegasus anymore. and what about lil’kinz!

  14. pumpkinmania Says:

    Hi I have a girl Cheeky Monkey named Flower and a lil’kinz pand named Bamboo!! I’m getting another today!

    P.S. Half of those Webkinz are retired. Update your site!

  15. kiba Says:

    i have 41 webkinz wheeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. kiba Says:

    i have 41 webkinz wheeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!including the most adorible of all!!the huskkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Julia Says:

    I have 6 webkinz white terrier LuLu Husky Alexandera Black cat Green eyes Bull frog Dannie Frog Sparky and A pink pony Unikinz someone who has a webkinz add me my name is Shinypinky1234

  18. webkinzfan Says:

    i just got a webkinz kangaroo it is cuter than any animal ever!!!!

  19. webkinzfan Says:

    i have the retired raccoon i found 5 at the flea market in pickering canada with the gorilla

  20. jade Says:

    omg i have the rabbit the seal the black lab and clydesdale

  21. jade Says:

    i might be getting a chocolate lab and a yellow lab and a golden retriver and a nether black lab i don’t know why LOL

  22. jade Says:

    anyone add me on webkinz my user name is sweetstuff135

  23. madi Says:

    what about the kangaroo?

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