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EVEN MORE New Webkinz!!!

January 29, 2008

Yet ANOTHER discovery has been made! A new load of Webkinz, including the brown dog, the webkinz bengal tiger, the lilkinz black lab and the lilkinz pink poodle have been discovered! Check the “FURTURE WEBKINZ” page for more!


Pinto and Turtle revealed!

December 13, 2007

As we all saw as we signed onto webkinz this morning, theses two new webkinz have officially been released! Can’t wait to get them!



December 2, 2007

Our site has super-secret special images of un-released new webkinz pets! We all know about the Love Frog and the Pinto Horse, but you have never seen these coming!!! These pets are SOOOO new, that we do not know when they are going to be released nor their special items. As soon as we are informed, we will update this!!  Check out our “FUTURE WEBKINZ” page to see all these very cute furry friends!!!!!!! L&M



November 30, 2007

Quizzy suprised us with new questions for everyone!!! All Quizzy’s lovers can go play now with some new fresh questions!! YAY!  Also, the Jelly Bean Challenge has emurged! If you guess the right amount of Jellys in the jar, You win the Jellybeans! Check the daily activities for a chance to win! Also, Dunk The Zingoz is here! Check the daily activities to get a chance to dunk the little guy!!! (win a prize if you dunk him!) ALSO, the LOVE FROG, PINTO HORSE, and the TURTLE have been added to the webkinz catalog!!! Check it out!

 CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! L&M

New Webkinz!

October 27, 2007

The Yellow Lab, Seal, and Brown Arabian Horse have been released today! Check the catalouge on Webkinz to find out the details!I want all three so badly! L&M

(Picture of arabian horse coming soon)

Lil’ Basset Hound Is Back

September 30, 2007

The lil’ Basset hound is back in gift shops. Adopt this pup into your life.

^^^ How can you resist those adorable puppy eyes????

Hello Doggy

September 30, 2007

There is a new dog  in town and it is the GERMAN SHEPARD! This exclusize item is a puppy patrol car and the food is a bone pretzle. Look for the pup in your local gift shops.