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EVEN MORE New Webkinz!!!

January 29, 2008

Yet ANOTHER discovery has been made! A new load of Webkinz, including the brown dog, the webkinz bengal tiger, the lilkinz black lab and the lilkinz pink poodle have been discovered! Check the “FURTURE WEBKINZ” page for more!


Pinto and Turtle revealed!

December 13, 2007

As we all saw as we signed onto webkinz this morning, theses two new webkinz have officially been released! Can’t wait to get them!


Holiday Room Ideas!

December 8, 2007

We are doing something special for you guys this Christmas. All of you people stocking up on Christmas and Hannaukah items and don’t know what to do with them??? Well, look no more! Here are some fresh and original Holiday room ideas for the Christmas season desgined for you by Laura and Meghan!!! ­čÖé

1) Designed by Laura: CHRISTMAS MUSEUM! (meduim room, snow flooring and steel light blue wall paint)   *** Inthe vanity i put on of each of the holiday outfits. In the fridge i put in one Goo-goo berry and filled the rest of it up with candy canes.***

2) Designed by Laura: ALL MY WEBKINZ IN FOR A HLIDAY CELEBRATION! (large room, that was originally my

 dining room.) ***Notice, all my webbies are there wearing holiday outfits!!****


Christmas in Webkinz World!

December 7, 2007

Look in your yard! They are probably covered in snow!!! Also, check for all the new (and some old) Christmas items in the Wshop! Be sure to stock up!!! MErry Christmas! L&M



December 1, 2007

These ads have been found in Webkinz World. They are very similar to the Bee Movie adds. IF you see one, click and you will either recieve pancakes or an Alvin, Simon, OPr Thedore costume. We hope this helps you!!! L&M


November 30, 2007

Quizzy suprised us with new questions for everyone!!! All Quizzy’s lovers can go play now with some new fresh questions!! YAY!┬á Also, the Jelly Bean Challenge has emurged! If you guess the right amount of Jellys in the jar, You win the Jellybeans! Check the daily activities for a chance to win! Also, Dunk The Zingoz is here! Check the daily activities to get a chance to dunk the little guy!!! (win a prize if you dunk him!) ALSO, the LOVE FROG, PINTO HORSE, and the TURTLE have been added to the webkinz catalog!!! Check it out!

 CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! L&M

Cool Webkinz Poem!

November 15, 2007

My Poem: ( Please tell if u like it)

Webkinz, webkinz, everywhere
There is not enough for me too share.
I spend all my allowence money,
I’m so obsessed it’s not funny!
With webkinz, who needs boys?
With webkinz, who needs other toys?
When i get a new webbie,
My heart fills with glee.
Because now i can rip off the tag and register it,
and i will name it happily.
You may think i am crazy,
or that i need some special help.;)
But i love webkinz all the way,

I told you how i felt!!!!!!!!!!

-Laura {wrote this}

Well? Did you like it??? Please tell!!!! ­čÖé


November 4, 2007

Our blog has been updated for November with a fall banner, a new contest, and a new pet of the month. What do you think? Happy Fall! L&M

Yay! Time to Play!

New Clothes

November 2, 2007

There is new clothes in the w-shop! There are KInzville Academy skirts, shirts, slacks, and hats. Buy uniforms for your favorite pet! L&M

Second Day of Fall Fest!

October 22, 2007

I know what everyone is thinking, where and when do i get leaves?

I have gotten seven leaves so far, by:

1) playing quizzy’s for about 20-30 mins

2) letting my pet jump on a trampolin in a backyard for 20mins

3) playing a jigsaw puzzle or checkers

I have recieved 3 hats, on wheat shaft, a hay doll, 2 pumkin soups, and 2 apple ciders. I found one at Arte’s and one in the daily activities page. Be patient and don’t hop around!!! Post your progess for others and myself! thanks!!!!

we hope this helps, L&M