Ask Kiwi! (Advice Coloum)

This is Kiwi! (She is my brother’s webkinz) Ask her anything you want! =)

Dont worry, you have the right to remain annonomous and it’s okay, Kiwi is our web mascot!!!! GO KIWI!


30 Responses to “Ask Kiwi! (Advice Coloum)”

  1. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Thanks for your support becnbeagle!!!! We love you!

  2. Meghan and Laura Says:

    We have been informed the pet of the month for November is the black bear!

  3. elle Says:

    The pet of the month for december is the Chihuahua NOT the lil’ kinz the big one you can buy them from lots of places sometimes even card stores

  4. dancerxo247 Says:

    hi i was wondering if you can give me some advice on spending money in webkinz world! thanks

  5. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Dear dancerxo247,

    Here are some tips for spendind money in webkinz world…
    1. Spend you money wisley or for emergencies like if your pet needs food or a bed. Dont spend it on clothes if you friend is having a party for your webkinz.
    2. if you have coupons use them they help you save tons of money even if it is a 10% coupon.
    3. Look at sales, because most of the time you can get lots of stuff really cheap.
    4. Under today’s activities look for this item 30% of if you need that item.

    Thanks for your question.

  6. Ellen Says:

    This is a very helpful section. First time I’ve stop to take a better look. Thanks kiwi in advance…

  7. Ellen Says:

    Ok, here’s a question for Kiwi…Do you know if they have a whole Christmas section in the W shop for purchase in December like they did for Halloween? and if so, will they have a Christmas tree? I’m dying to find out! Ellen

  8. Meghan and Laura Says:

    YESSS! There will be various Christmas clothing in the Wshop sometime during December. CHRISTMAS trees will be sold i9n the Wshop also. And of course, you will recive a special gift on Christmas Day when u log in. GOOD QUESTION!!!! —Kiwi

  9. Ellen Says:

    That’s great! Thanks Kiwi

  10. Ellen Says:

    does anyone know if you buy the dye for your webkinz in the w shop if that is the color it will always stay or can it be changed back… I haven’t bought any yet because I wasn’t sure. thanks

  11. Ellen Says:

    Hi, I still haven’t received an answer to the question above as to whether or not anyone knows anything about the dye in the w shop if it is permanent or not. Also, I was wondering if anyone know when they usually start putting Christmas stuff into the W shop to buy? Thank you!

  12. Ellen Says:

    I guess kiwi doesn’t know, oh well… 😦

  13. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Ooops! I am sorry Ellen! Kiwi had a little break! 😉 As far as I know, there is no dye to change the color of your pet….It would be cool of webkinz opened a “salon” type place where u can do that. And, as of Dec. 11, The Christmas an Hannukah items have arrived in the Wshop and will be here until January. Some Christmas clothes, food, and items are new, some are from last year. —Kiwi

  14. Emily Says:

    kiwi do you know if there is a webkinz “santa”? and i was wondering if he would give you presents on christmas morning…
    🙂 Emily

  15. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Yes, there is a webkinz “Santa”, he will bring you a present on Christmas if you log on.

    Thnaks for teh question!!!! L&M
    Merry Christmas!

  16. cc Says:

    Where do you get the penguin? I want him SOOOOOOOOOO bad

  17. anonymus Says:

    How do you find out which are the next pet of the months??? AND more exactly, does anyone know when it will be the spotted frog??? I just got one and if it is in the next couple of months……i won’t activate it yet so…..if you could give me some heads up, that would be great!

  18. Meghan and Laura Says:

    I do not know pet of the months for months to come. But L&M usually gets the information 2 months before. So check our home page to see if any pets of the months are discovered!


  19. webkinz-lover Says:

    i dont know what cloths my webkinz should wear from the W-shop what should she wear?

  20. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Dear webkin-lover,
    I love dressing up myself in pretty clothes from the W-shop. My personal favorite is green poka dot boots, and white sunglasses. sometimes i even put on a shirt too. Pretty simple, right? I can tell you, i look adorable in them!!!


  21. Caitlin Says:

    Hello Kiwi!,

    I was in the W-shop on webkinz, but I can’t find the perfect outfite for my pet. What should my kinz’ wear?
    Please help me!

    Your wondering friend,

  22. Caitlin Says:


    Is Kiwi taking a break???

  23. Kiwi Says:

    Sorry everyone!,

    I was on a break!


  24. Caitlin Says:

    Dear Kiwi,

    What is the best outfit for the German Shphard? I can’t find
    a perfect outfit for her!


  25. Caitlin Says:


    Add me to your friends list>fleabittenjake<—-username
    come today

  26. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Dear Caitlin,
    I would know what looks best on a German Shepard, my brother is one so everything looks good on them but my favorite outfits are…

    girl-purple and pink polo shirt
    boy- arte’s jaket, cargo pants

    Hope this helps!

  27. webkinzfan Says:

    hey kiwi!

    so i was wondering,

    1. do you konw how to get unused codes?
    2. what is pet of the month for march/april?
    3. are there any new pets besides, the velvet elefant and tie dye frog…ect

  28. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Dear Webkinzfan:

    1. You can get unused codes by buying new pets, and there have been rumors of pet codes being on the Series 2 trading card codes.
    2. The pet of the month for march is the big cow, and the pet of the month for April is the pink poodle.
    3. As for this question, it will be answered very soon on the front page..

    —-Kiwi (Hope i can help!)

  29. Anna Says:

    dear kiwi,

    how do you write questions at plumpy’s place on webkinz??????????????????????

  30. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Hey if my name was a fruit i would kill my self

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