About US!

Incase you did not know, this blog is run by two different people. They are best buddies, though.

MEGHAN: Currently has 13 webkinz. When I go on webkinz, i do my daily activities, play a game of picnic, and play with my webkinz. My favorite room theme is ballet. I love making some good kinscash!!! Username::: dancer059

LAURA: Curently has 15 webkinz (just had a birthday =). When I go on webbies, I play Polar Plunge, always take a stop by Arte’s.  My favorite room theme is Sandy Beach. And I love a nice walk on the beach, guys. Username::::: shortncute99

Our blog singnature is: L&M! You probably see it alot. =)

That’s a little about the peepes running this blog. Love ya!!!!


13 Responses to “About US!”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Currently has 9 webkinz. When I go on webkinz, I do my daily activities, gem hunt, charm forest, water my gardens, and I like to play Goober Lab the most! I’ve won 2 trophies playing it so far.

  2. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Wow! Cool to know some stuff about you ellen! thanks for your comment! L&M

  3. Ellen Says:

    Hey no problem Meghan 🙂

  4. lissanoel Says:

    I also have 15 webkinz!!!

  5. lissanoel Says:

    What bed sis you get? I got the dragon one

  6. lissanoel Says:


  7. Meghan and Laura Says:

    Hey, I have gotten a Butterfly Bed, A Castle Bed, And a Sweet Dreams Bed!!!! *L*

  8. Ellen Says:

    Just to update how many webkinz I have, I currently have 30 adopted webkinz and about 20 waiting to be adopted!

  9. neo2012 Says:

    Hi, Im new to webkinz but I have started a website that features ebay auctions about webkinz. Would you be interested in a link exchange with my site?




  10. Meghan and Laura Says:

    sure neo

  11. Meghan and Laura Says:

    and update for me, i now have 25 webbies.!!! *L*

  12. Emily Says:

    hey i have 23 my newest webkinz is the lilkinz’ golden reriever everytime i go on webkinz i:do todays activities*wishing well 2,wheel of wow! Then i will check my mail after i see whats in the news then i go to my room and check on all 23 of my webkinz after i like to go to the tornament arena for a nice soothing game of checkers

    luv emily
    p.s my user name for webkinz is Youti

  13. penny2263 Says:

    Hi,I’m Penny!I have a blog ww.webkinzworld101.wordpress.com check it out sometime!

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