New Banner/Sorry, More News

Hey everyone sorry we haven’t been posting lately we have been loaded with test and homework and on the weekends I (MEghan) have been having dance competions. So we are back with news!!!!! First we got a new banner instead of having one every month we will have a regular one and one for holidays. 🙂 There are also 2 new lil kinz on the front page the Lil kinz pink poodle and lil kinz black lab start looking for them. NExt months pet of the month is the pink poodle for april and mays is suspected to be the panda for those who were wondering. There is a new theme the pretty in pink. I don’t really like the theme because I hate pink but I think it will work out fine with my pink poodle and soon to have black poodle and mabey white. There are new webkinz that will be coming out soon which is the bengal tiger, brown dog, and tiger snake. Rumor has it that the Yellow Lab, lil’ panda, and black friesian, lil lepord (which just came out), Sherbert bunny and LOve Puppy will retire. 😦 Some people say that there will be a love cat for valentine’s day next year. NEw webkinz for MAy/June(mabey) are the gecko, lioness, rhino, samoyed dog, lemon-lime gecko, pink google, siamese cat, striped snake, whimsy dragon. I am also have a competion to see who can come up with a name for my soon to be black poodle I was think about naming it Paris but I don’t know yet so help me please!!!

THanks and keep posting,

Meghan and LAura

(meghan wrote this article)


One Response to “New Banner/Sorry, More News”

  1. Misagirl(My User) Says:


    Those are all the name I can come up with for ow! Let me know what you do end up naming her, please!

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